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World Kidney Day Awareness

As part of our responsibility and as a way of celebrating World Kidney Day, Clina-Lancet Laboratories partnered with Zenith Kidney Centre to observe World Kidney Day Awareness. our focused area was Yaba Lagos Nigeria.

Our take-off point was at Zenith Kidney Centre (9 Barikisu Iyede Onike Yaba Lagos) and we were able to cover Onike-Makoko Adekunle Axis. The aim was was basically to raise awareness about our kidneys and their remarkable functions, were able to educate the community about the importance of taking care of their kidney, also shared with them tips on how to keep your kidney healthy.

We at Clina-lancet Laboratories believe in giving back to our community (Corporate social responsibility) which is why we took it upon ourselves to collaborate with Zenith Kidney Centre to achieve this remarkable event.

Zenith Medical and Kidney Centre is a specialized medical center and Nigeria’s Leading Kidney Care Hospital that is highly specialized in medical care that delivers quality healthcare services in renal medicine and other specialist areas. We operate a 24-hour facility that caters to our patients with technologically advanced equipment and an expert team of medical professionals.

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