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2023 Press Releases - 2023-06-29

Clina-Lancet Laboratories partnership with OMC

Clina-Lancet Laboratories Nigeria announced it partnership with OMC which corroborates our advocacy for private-private and private-public collaboration in the Nigeria healthcare ecosystem as a way of achieving a better healthcare delivery system for Nigeria.

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2023 Press Releases - 2023-06-29

Lancet Laboratories Nigeria signed a Memorandum of Understanding

Speaking during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between members of the Offa Metropolitan Club (OMC) and Clina-Lancet Laboratories Nigeria in Offa on Monday, the president of the association, Mrs. Sarah Alade, explained that the MoU signed with the Clina-Lancet Laboratories Nigeria outfit included the provision of laboratory infrastructure, equipment and testing at the OMC medical centre.

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2023 Press Releases - 2023-03-15

Cerba Healthcare successful first drone flight in France and Italy

Innovation in Biological Samples Transportation: Cerba Healthcare successfully performed the first flight with drone in France and Italy

  • A low-carbon logistic option that should avoid traffic-related delays while covering remoted places in the country
  • Shortens time-to-results and improves patient management regardless of location

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